Programme Aims
  • To give participants both an overview of, and an insight into, the underlying causes of conflict

  • To help develop a culture of justice and human rights

  • To better equip citizens to play an active role in peace building

Programme Objectives  
  1. To develop a sense of active citizenship based on human rights and justice for all2

  2. To underscore the view of democracy as a conflict resolving process3  

  3. To build awareness and understanding of the differences within and between the various perspectives4 that have been in conflict5  

  4. To underscore the contested nature of History and its role in shaping perception6  

  5.  To explore the circumstances that fracture civil society to the point where people adopted a ‘war’ as opposed to a ‘peaceorientation7  to resolving conflict

 2 This sense of citizenship is necessarily holistic and such citizens embrace with their rights, a reciprocal responsibility towards the rights of the ‘other
3 Within this internationally respected view of democracy it is by a state upholding Human Rights & Justice that it reinforces its legitimacy (to manage the conflict resolving process) strengthening public confidence in its rule of law and consequently its right to hold a monopoly (on behalf of the citizenry) on the use of force
4 (Unionist/Loyalist, Nationalist/Republican and British/State Security Forces)
5 and so the potential for forging new alliances in peace building
6 in particular our perception of ’ourselves’ (our identity) and the ‘other’
7 particularly in addressing the necessary tension between the ideal of democracy and its political reality in a given time and place