The Approach

Overview of perspectives

o The epilogues’ DVD Perspectives in Conflict’ contains the personal testimony of 27 individuals who had direct experience of the conflict. While no resource could represent all perspectives, the DVD strives to be inclusive and these individuals were selected so as to capture the broad spectrum of perspectives that characterise the conflict.

Represent and Challenge the broad range of perspectives

o The testimonies are edited so that participants find their perspective represented they also find it challenged by the perspective of the ‘other’.

Creative use of TV drama and poignant personal testimony

o Each of the programme’s six themes is introduced by selected extracts from TV dramas that explore the conflict. These extracts function as dramatic illustrations of the respective themes that the interviews go on to explore in greater depth.

Frame exploration within the model of a democratic society

o The idea of government of the people by the people is generally accepted (certainly in the west) as the best form of governance in terms of moral force because it enables human freedom. It is for these reasons that the project frames its exportation within the model of a democratic society.