Development Process

The Development Process unfolded over the course of three years, beginning in April 2003 and concluding in December 2005.  It consisted of a number of elements, these were:
  • Formation of project Advisory Panel
  • Consultation Process
  • Interview and Editing Process
  • Piloting of a Prototype DVD and Workshop Modules of Violence and Loss
  • Production of ‘epilogues’ DVD and Draft Workshop Education Programme
  • Accreditation of the ‘epilogues’ Workshop Education Programme
  • Development and construction of the ‘epilogues’ web site

Once the Advisory Panel was established a key aspect of the development was the comprehensive consultation process with groups and organisations working with the legacy of the conflict for the respective target groups. This process included the piloting of a prototype DVD and workshop, feedback from which shaped the development, seeded the idea with the respective gateway organisations and established relationships that have been central to the project’s ongoing delivery and marketing strategy.