Programme Elements

The DVD: The epilogues’ DVD (containing 248 minutes of material) is the core educational resource for the workshop modules. It contains interviews with victims of the conflict as well as people who directly participated in it. While no resource could represent all perspectives, the DVD strives to be inclusive and interviewees were selected so as to capture the broad spectrum of views that characterise the conflict.

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Each of the programme’s six themes is introduced by selected extracts from TV dramas that explore the conflict. These are the BBC productionsELEPHANT’ (which deals with the cycle of community on community violence), and ‘FORCE OF DUTY’ (which deals with community violence on members of the state security forces) and the Channel Four productionsSUNDAY’ (which deals with state security force violence on the community), ‘OMAGH’ (which deals with the indiscriminate nature of violent conflict), and ‘YASMIN’ (which explores violence and human rights beyond the context of ‘Northern Ireland’). These extracts function as dramatic illustrations of the respective themes that the interviews go on to explore in greater depth, revealing the reality of violent political conflict and the tragic consequences for our society. In revealing the depth of the experience of loss on all sides, ‘epilogues’ highlights the importance of a culture of human rights and justice to sustainable peace.

The Web Site:  Open Access: Its public function is to promote the aims and objectives of the project. Its function, as an integral part of the workshop education programme, is to aid participants of the programme in completing specific exercises and questions, necessary for achieving Northern Ireland Open College Network (NIOCN) accreditation.
Secure Access: This section of the site is a participant only secure area with an interactive dimension which enables participants to further explore the project interviewees' stories and the factual details associated with particular incidents they refer to. Through this aspect, participants can view additional interviewee video extracts and interviewee related archive news footage.
This interactive aspect of the site enhances the learning for programme participants which they have already gained through their experience of the workshop education programme. It is also the interface that provides access to other web-based and non web-based sources of information on the conflict and conflict transformation in an international context.

The Workshop Education Programme (WEP): The programme consists of 8 workshop modules (an introductory module to outline the programme & approach, 6 theme-specific modules and a concluding module to integrate the learning) and 6 hours of personal study. Each module consists of a facilitated 3-hour exploration of the respective theme. While participants find voices on the DVD that echo their own perspective, they equally encounter voices that challenge it. The facilitation in the WEP and the personal study exercises deepen this experience by inviting participants to reflect not only on their own experience but from the perspective of ‘the other’. The programme adopts an approach that understands history as always contested and with that, the need for critical reflection. The WEP is Northern Ireland Open College Network Level 2 accredited.

The Facilitating 'epilogues' Programme: This aspect of the project trains and supports facilitators, drawn from the project’s various target groups (see below) and the key agencies working within the conflict transformation sector to cascade delivery of the programme and so spread the learning within their own communities. The completed Facilitating ‘epilogues’ Programme is Gaslight accredited.