Our first project was a drama documentary film ‘SUNDAY’ for Channel 4 Television. The film was broadcast in January 2002 and has been seen by 2.5 million people in Ireland & Great Britain. It was also broadcast in Australia, Canada and a number of European countries. ‘SUNDAY’ tells the community story of Bloody Sunday. (see

'SUNDAY’ won Best Single Drama at the prestigious ‘Prix Italia’ awards ceremony in Sicily 2002. It was one of only four dramas nominated that year for Best TV Drama at the International Emmy awards in New York 2002 and won Best Single Drama at Irish Film and Television Academy Awards in Belfast in 2003.

In reaching their decision the ‘Prix Italia’ jury said:

“'Sunday’ proposes a human drama of great emotional impact, backed up by solid direction that sees beyond the specific conflict, to identify a value – justice – that is essential for co-existence and healthy relationships inside a constantly changing society, which is increasingly having to come to terms with the new and the different.”



In 2003, Gaslight was invited to screen ‘SUNDAY’ in The Al Kassaba Theatre, Ramallah. During that visit the idea of a skills/resource exchange project with arts and educational organisations in Palestine was born. The kernel of the idea was to help seed rudimentary film and animation techniques with children and young people with the objective of equipping them with new tools of creative expression.

The initial phase of the project took the form of a series of workshops organised by Gaslight in association with the British Council in Ramallah as part of the educational outreach programme of The Ramallah International Film Festival in 2004. It saw two Derry based educator/animators (Jan Caspers & Gary Rosborough) travel to the festival to conduct the workshops. This was followed up in February and March of 2005 when they returned to Palestine for five weeks to work with a number of local organisations active in the fields of arts and education, with the view of identifying viable partners for a more sustained training scheme. To further consolidate momentum Gaslight in association with the educator/animators produced the DVD ‘Animating Palestine’, which documents the fruits of those first two visits. This has since been distributed to all the participating groups and individuals.

In 2007 the educator/animators returned to Palestine and working with teachers and youth workers from The A.M. Qattan Centre for the Child in Gaza and the Dar Annadwa International Centre of Bethlehem conducted a series of training workshops with children in Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Gaza. The most recent phase of the project saw three of the trainee animators travel to Derry in September 2007 to undergo an intensive six week training programme in stop-motion animation techniques. The project is ongoing….